Mission Statement


 The overall mission of the Society is to gather, restore, preserve and conserve historical articles and items indigenous to the Greater Dover area for the education and appreciation they may bring to those who view or study them.


GDHS Policy


Specifically, the Society seeks those artifacts, relics, documents, records, inventions and other historical resources that are of such quality and age to be precious and valuable additions to the Archives from the Greater Dover area.

Items procured by the society are to be put into the best possible condition.

The item is to be catalogued in such a way as to be readily available for use when needed.
Efforts and means are made by the Society to prevent damage or neglect of the historical items in storage, on display or when loaned for any reason or purpose.

Education is the ultimate mission of the Society. Understandings and written loan agreements are used as standards against loss or abuse of the artifacts being displayed or utilized within or outside the Society. Insurance policies guard against or compensate for losses or damage should they occur.


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