Dover Involvement in War of 1812

House at 52 Mayfield Street, Dover, PA.
Headstones @ end of property line.
Accessible from Locust St. Alley

Eve wife of Frederick Stouch
Born April 13, 1771

Died Nov 20, 1858
81Y 7M 17D
Philippians 1 Cha 21 Ve

Daniel Stouch
Born August 30, 1802
Died July 24, 1865
62Y 19M 25D
Phiippians 1 Cha 21Ve


Originally stood upright.
When the headstones fell over,
they were cemented laying down.


Frederick Stouch
Born June 29, 1771
Died April 3, 1834
59 Y 9 M 5 D
Matthew 16 Cha 26 Ve


The First Battalion in the Sixty first Regiment of Pennsylvania was made up men mostly from Dover Twp. The Battalion was commanded by Captain George Trine. Its other officers were Lieutenant John Heilman; Sergeants Andrew Beitzel, Frederick Stough, Jacob Oberdier, and Peter Jacobs. The Corporals were James Patton, Peter Spahr, Moses Spahr, and Samuel Grace (Gross).

The privates were Jacob Spahr, George Lenhart, George Wentz, John Wentz, Peter Boos, James Grace, John Hamme, James Metzler, Samuel May, Jacob May, John Herring, Jacob Sultzbaugh, Jacob Sheffer, John Wise, James Ettinger, Peter Grace (Gross), John Grace (Grace), Jacob Funk (Fink), George Funk (Fink), Abraham Sheffer, Jacob Stough, Peter Lichty, George Weise, George White and Samuel Leathery. (The names in parenthesis are likely the correct spelling to conform with local names). See Sixth Series of Penna Archives, Vol VII, page 361.

Another detachment of the Penna. Militia containing a number of Dover Township men was under the command of Major Shaub; Captain Jonathan May was company commander. The Lieutenants were George Geiselman and Frederick Foust. The Ensign Jacob Moul, Sergeants; were John Swisher, George Wampler, James Dehoff, Leonard Stough, and Thomas Hines. The corporals were Jacob Mittman, John Throne, Samuel Fogler, Jacob Bricher, Jacob Overdeer. The musicians were Peter Toomey and Henry Crisinger.

The privates were Jonathan Bufford, John Bupp, Jacob Bringman, John Barlin, John Bricker, Philip Crone, Conrad Cesler, Daniel Clodfelter, Andrew Colebaugh, Lawrence Cling, John Clodfelter, David Coleman, Stephen Cook, Jesse Down, Samuel Downs, Henry Doebler, John Dissinger, Martin Ellison, George Foremen, John Feather, Daniel Fornchild, Baltzer Foust, Jacob Fink, Joseph Griffith, John Gantz, George Garberich, John Grove, Michael Grove, Jacob Gross, George Gross, David Gramer, Jacob Hague, John Hoffman, Joseph Harbaugh, George Hossler, Peter Hamme, William Huggins, Henry Hildebrand, Jacob Hollowbush, John Heilman, Anthony Hanes, George Heterich, Michael King, Daniel Lentz, John Lentz, Henry Lenhart, Jacob Milheim, Peter Marley, John Miller, Adam Mason, Daniel Mierly, Lewis Nager, John Newcomer, Jacob Olinger, John Overdeer, Nickolas Pricker, George Parmer, Samuel Ramsey, Lawrence Roser, George Rohrbaugh, Philip Rabenstine, John Runk, John Ramsay, Jacob Rupert, Henry Rigle, Lewis Rohrbaugh, Eli Ramsey, Henry Stough, George Smith, Henry Shewman, John Stump, Frederick Sailor, Jacob Stoner, Christian Sleder, William Smith, Conrad Stuck, Henry Smith, John Smith, John Shewban, Philip Sipe, Henry Stuck, Henry Smith, Jacob Smith, Jacob Tar, John Weyer, Jacob Wolfgang, John Wertz, Michael Weyer, Valentine D. Wentz, George Wolfgang, Michael Zuch, Frederick Ziegler and Daniel Ziegler.

The above sworn to as: Personally came before me William Caldwell, one of the Justices of the Peace as of May 15, 1816. (Caldwell was a Justice residing in Davidsburg).

The above menís term of service began as of Oct. 30, 1814 and was for a six month period. They were rendezvoused in York with many other militiamen from other counties in the State. (See page 1404 of Vol. 8, of Sixth Series of Penna. Arch.)

On May 18, 1869, Enoch Thomas, and old soldier who went to the rescue of Baltimore in 1814 as a private under Captain Michael H. Miser in the fifth Penna. Regiment, died at the home of his son in Dover Township. His age was 76 years.

In 1878 a pension of $8 was granted to Jacob Fink of Dover. He was a soldier in the War of 1812. He is interred at Strayerís Church as/are Peter Toomey, Henry Lenhart and John Bush.