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Colds, Coughs and Hoarseness - The People’s Home Library Copyrighted 1910

Colds on the Lungs

Make a poultice of onions fried in lard and lay on the Chest.  Soak the feet in as hot water as can be borne and drink a glass of hot lemonade and, if you have it, a little senna tea before going to bed.

Physicians Remark – Leomonade will cause sweating, senna will move the bowels, and the onions will loosen the cold by drawing the congestion from the lungs.

Skunk Oil  Applied to the throat and lungs, this is a good remedy for a cold on the lungs.  Sometimes it is given internally in small doses.


Poems are from a song book, hand written and found at the Spahr Farm which we believe were written during World War

Swinging neath the apple tree
Bringing thrills of childish glee
From the morn till almost night
Moments with joy are bright

Chorus – Now like a bird we dip so high
Almost as far that we tip the sky
Swing-ing gaily
Under the apple tree

So each day they’re free to roam
Such is childhood life at home
Joy and gladness every where
Never to know a care

Evening bids the day to close
All is wrapped in sweet re-pose
From the child a fancy gleams
Whole in its peaceful dreams


Bring the good old bugle boys, we’ll sing another song
Sing it with a spirit that will move the world along
Sing it as we need to sing it, half a million strong
While we are canning the Kaiser.

_ Chorus _
Oh Bill!  Oh Bill!  We’re on the job today
Oh Bill!  Oh Bill!  We’ll seal you so you’ll stay
We’ll put you up with ginger in the good old Yankee way
While we are canning the Kaiser

Here’s the the song we’re singing on the shining roads of France.
Hear the Tommies cheering and see the Poilus prance – Africanders and
Kanucks and Scots without their pants while we are canning the Kasiers

This little jingle was a radio commercial (date not remembered)

We feed our doggy Thrivo
He’s very much Alivo
Full of pep and vim
So if you want a peppy pup
You’d better hurry up
Buy Thrivo for him!

Taken from the Metropolitan Cook Book by the Metropolitan Life Insurance Co., (no date listed)

A Few Useful  Suggestions
It pays to buy clean food from clean stores.


Taken from the American Automobile Digest (an advertisement from a standardized carburetor auxiliary on a 1922 Locomobile.

On the Road with any load
Yes, O’er the Hills A-Flying
It Makes Your Car a Shooting Star
So – “MotoStill” be Buying


Taken from the papers of Dover Borough

Section 13 – That if ;any fire arms may be found upon any person or persons or discharge or fire off any fire arm within the Borough limits or shall cast, throw or fire any rocket or fireworks of any description within one hundred yards of any public road or street or building within the aforesaid Borough.  On being convicted before a Justice of the Peach or Chief Burgess, each shall pay a fine not less than one dollar, except for shooting mad dogs, or any injurious animals, reptiles or birds.


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