Mr. Fahs Dover History

January 16, 2003

Mr. Fahs brought a framed water color painting of the arch bridge on Route 74 that his father, William Henry Fahs had painted in the early 1900ís. Mr. Fahs also shared with us many pictures of his family and friends camping along the Conewago Creek, starting as early as 1908. Mr. Fahs was born in 1918, and about one year later his father introduced him to the camping experience.

He talked of the ordeal of just getting to the camping sites. The tiller cars were not able to drive the hill (now known as South Main Street) because the gas would not flow to the engine, so they had to turn the car around and drive up the hill backwards. He told us stories about catching frogs, fishing and the young ladies who were also camping with their families. Camps were along the creek from Kunkles Mill and the ice house to the Snyder Farm. At the conclusion, Mr. Fahs stated he was going to contribute the water color painting he brought with him along with other water color paintings done by his father. We thank Mr. Fahs for his stories and history lessons.