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8/15/12 - Total website rewrite and reorganization

6/27/11 - added April 2011 and May 2011 minutes

6/22/11 - added March 2011 minutes

5/16/11 - added May 2011 newsletter

4/13/11 - added February 2011 minutes

2/28/11 - added November 2010 minutes; January 2011 minutes; 2011 membership form and 2011 event schedule

12/13/10 - added October 2010 minutes

12/2/10 - added December 2010 newsletter

10/25/10 - added September 2010 minutes

10/6/10 - added August 2010 minutes

9/8/10 - added a link to a collection of genealogical resources

9/7/10 - made changes to Membership form

8/30/10 - added June 2010 minutes

6/29/10 - added May 2010 minutes

5/27/10 - added June 2010 newsletter

5/26/10 - added Membership form (2010)

5/26/10 - added April 2010 minutes

4/19/10 - added March 2010 minutes

3/22/10 - added February 2010 minutes

3/19/10 - changed Acting Treasurer to Treasurer & included name & number

3/10 - added November 2009 and January 2010 meeting minutes

1/12/10 - added newsletter for January 2010

12/14/09 - added minutes for October 2009

10/21/09 - added minutes for September 2009

9/30/09 - added minutes for August 2009

9/9/09 - posted corrected minutes for June 2009

8/31/09 - added newsletter for August 2009

7/20/09 - added minutes for April & May 2009

4/17/09 - added minutes for January, February, February Addendum & March 2009 minutes

3/12/09 - added permissions to Blacksmith Shop home page

3/9/09 - removed March 2009 newsletter & reposted revised March 2009 newsletter

2/27/09 - posted March 2009 newsletter

12-4-2008 - Removed some links to the Blacksmith Shop on the Projects page.

8-10-2007 - Corrected a misspelling on one of the pages. Changed "Recent Updates" to "History Of Web Site Changes". Removed all links to the meeting minutes on the "History Of Web Site Changes" - "HOWSC" page, since it is thought to be redundant with the meeting minutes page elsewhere on this site. Removed link to landscaping page in the 11/17/2005 entry of this page, this was thought to be redundant with the link in the 12/29/2005 entry on this page.

7/5/07 - Added meeting minutes for April & May 2007

5-10-2007 - Modified the 1-17-2004 hyperlink to the Jan 2004 meeting minutes to point to the actual minutes. Modified the home page, what was Our Town Characters is now Biographies and Our Town Characters is now under construction.

4-25-07 - Added March 2007 meeting minutes

3-19-07 - Added January 2007 meeting minutes

3-15-2007 - Added 2006 Volunteer List. Added the 2006 Membership List

2-5-2007 - Updated GDHS Officers and Membership list.

1-22-2007 - Added November 2006 Meeting Minutes. Updated the Events list for 2007

1-15-2007 - Updated the Membership form and the Events list for 2007.

12-18-2006 - Updated the August 2006 meeting minutes with the easier to read HTML version rather than a scanned image of the minutes. Added the scanned meeting minutes for October.

11-16-2006 - Added article about the 2006 Quilt Raffle. Added Meeting Minutes for September 2006.

9-30-2006 - Added Sept-Nov 2006 Newsletter. Added Meeting Minutes for August 2006. Made image of July Meeting Minutes smaller. Removed Quilt from home page. There will be an article about the Quilt and the winner of the raffle to come.

9-2-2006 - Updated the Dover Times Obituaries. Added the June and July meeting minutes

8-6-2006 - Updated the 2006 events page.

7-22-2006 - Made changes to May's Blacksmith Shop update. Made changes to the 2005 Dover Historical Walk page. Added Meeting Minutes for April and May. Updated the Volunteers list. Updated home page with new picture of the Blacksmith Shop. Added pictures of the 2006 Dover Historical Walk. Added the June 20th, 2006 Blacksmith Shop update. Made change to Salem cemetery listing to correct Bertha Ruppert's entry. Updated the membership list with Marty and Melanie Green's names.

5-30-2006 - Added article on 2006 Dover Historical Walk. Added Stouch Diaries list of Surnames. Added Blacksmith Shop Update as of 5-7-2006. Added pictures of 2005 Dover Historical Walk

5-17-2006 - Added meeting minutes. Added newsletter for May 2006. Added more blacksmith shop pics. Added a picture of the Detters Mill Bridge to the other pictures that were already there. Added a hit counter to the home page.

4-10-2006 - Added O. M. Stouch Genealogy. Added Baughman Memorials and Dover Garage as business sponsors

3-26-2006 - Added meeting minutes for Feb 2006

3-19-2006 - Added 2006 Quilt Raffle Page

2-27-2006 - Modified blacksmith shop volunteers for 2005. Added events for 2006.

2-26-2006 - Modified front page to eliminate gaps and blank space at the top. Modified membership form to help it print better and modified the mailing address. Added business sponsors page. Added Meeting Minutes for January 2006. Updated members list for 2006. Changed mailing address for membership. Fixed black smith shop photo pages for 5-20-2005 and 5-21-2005. Added volunteers for 2005.

1-29-2006 - Added new membership form for 2006. Added Obituary page under genealogy. Updated home page with a recent picture of the blacksmith shop. Added an article about the Firemen's Fair Display. Updated the GDHS Officers for 2006.

1-24-2006 - Added the obituary for David Hanley Laird, Sr

1-15-2006 - Added meeting minutes for November 2005

12-29-2005 - Modified the landscaping project page so that it loads faster. Made correction to the October meeting minutes page so that it is listed with the other meeting minutes. Added newsletter from August 2005. Added newsletter from December 2005.

11-17-2005 - Added Octobers Meeting Minutes. Added an article on the landscaping project associated with the Blacksmith Shop.

9-29-2005 - Corrected a Hysterical Historical. Added meeting minutes for September

9-3-2005 - Added new membership form.

8-20-2005 - Separated the Events and Projects page into two separate pages. Updated the membership list and membership info. Updated home page photos. Added meeting minutes for August 2005.

6-22-2005 - Added Meeting minutes for 5-19-2005. Added blacksmith shop pics from 5-20-2005. Added meeting minutes for 6-16-2005. Added blacksmith shop pics from 2-21-2005. Added Blacksmith shop donations

5-22-2005 - Added Meeting minutes for 4-21-2005

3-20-2005 - Added Meeting Minutes for 3-17-2005

3-12-2005 - Updated the membership list. Updated the home page with some names of persons that were identified on the class photo and added the 2004 volunteer hours, (thank you for your time).

2-24-2005 - Updated Hysterical Historicals. Added the 2005 Quilters page. Added meeting minutes for 2-17-2005

2-6-2005 - Updated the membership list for 2005.

1-31-2005 - Added the meeting minutes for 1-20-2005. Updated the Crocks for sale page by adding larger photos of the Christmas Balls. Added an article on Trolleys in Dover

1-19-2005 - Added the Pfleiger Genealogy

1-4-2005 - Updated the scheduled meeting and events page for 2005. Made some corrections to the Detters Mill page so that you do not have to scroll as much. Added 2004 volunteers page.

1-2-2005 - Made correction to the Dover Salem Cemetery Section D1 for May E. Myers. Added Newsletter for January - March of 2005

1-1-2005 - Updated the year on the GDHSPA Officers page. Added Myers Geneology. Added article and pictures of Detters Mill Bridge

12-9-2004 - Added Dover National Bank $10 Note to Archives page. Added Stoneware Crocks to the Store.

11-25-2004 - Added meeting minutes for 11-18-2004.

11-21-2004 - Added Shiloh Lutheran/UCC Cemetery Section 1.

11-18-2004 - Added 1908 Assessment under the Our Town page. Added Meeting Minutes for 10-21-2004. Removed the Lost and Found info on the home page. Updated the membership form for 2005 on the Officers and Membership Info Page. Updated the Our Patrons Page. Made minor changes on the Cemetery Records of Dover page. Made minor changes to the Landmarks of Dover page. Moved Tavern Rates from Landmarks of Dover to Our Town. Deleted Meisenhelter Burial Grounds, Rohlers Union United Brethren Church Cemetery, Hershey Mennonite Church Cemetery, Lenhart - Gerber Cemetery, Dover Union Cemetery Baptismal Records, Dover Salem Union Cemetery, from the Churches in Dover page. Added new links to the Links page.

10-16-2004 - Added 1960 Reassessments for Dover under the Our Town page

10-2-2004- Added Trash bags to the "Our Town Store" page. Added Meeting Minutes for Sept 16th 2004. Added Strayers Cemetery. Added Blacksmith shop update. Added the Census 1850 and under that heading the Census of 1850 Town of Dover and Census of 1850 Dover Township.

9-12-2004- Added Meeting Minutes for 8-19-2004. Updated the Hysterical Historicals. Updated the West Manchester Historical Society's web link with their new address. Made corrections to the Dover Union Cem Section C.

8-21-2004- Added Dover Salem Cemetery records for section E- 1, 2, and 3. Added Bethany United Church Cemetery to the Cemetery records.

6-30-2004 - Added picture of the Dover Bank to the Landmarks page. Added pictures to the Landmarks page of the buildings at the corner of route 74 and Davidsburg Rd where Nellies now stands and put this under a section called Then and Now. Added download disclaimer to all baptismal pages. Removed obituary for Ruth Drawbaugh from home page. Added some more Hysterical Historicals.

6-28-2004 - Added Meeting Minutes for 6-17-2004. Added Hysterical Historicals article. Added download disclaimer to all cemetery pages. Added Dover Salem Cemetery records for section D- 1, 2, and 3. Added Meisenhelder Burial Ground records.

5-3-2004 - Removed the Seth Thomas clocks from Our Town Store. Added Blacksmith Shop Update. Added Meeting Minutes for 4-15-2004. Added HYSTERICAL HISTORICALS to the home page. Made corrections to Rohlers Mountain View Cemetery. Added 4-2004 News Letter. Made corrections to Hershey Mennonite Church Cemetery and Dierdorff Family Cemetery. Added section C to the Dover Salem Union Cemetery. Added the Dover Bicentennial Book to Our Town Store

4-2-2004-Added Dierdorff Family Cemetery. Added Dover Salem Union Cemetery Section A. Added Dover Salem Union Cemetery Section B1. Added Dover Salem Union Cemetery Section B2. Added Dover Salem Union Cemetery Section B3.

3-21-2004-Added meeting minutes for 03-17-2004.

3-20-2004-Added Rohlers Union United Brethren Church cemetery records. Made some minor changes to Cemeteries page and Churches page

3-13-2004-Added Mountain View Cemetery records. Added picture of horse stable for the Rohers Union United Brethren Church.

3-8-2004-Added Bermudian Church Of The Brethren Cemetery.

3-7-2004-Added story on Meisenhelter's Meeting House. Added story on Jacob Rollers Home 1800s Log Church.

3-6-2004-Made some corrections to pictures on various pages.

3-4-2004-Added story on Rohers Evangelical Lutheran Church. Added story on Rohers Assembly Of God. Added story on Rohers Union United Brethren Church. Added story on Dover United Church Of Christ. Added pictures to the History of Otterbein EUB Church story. Added story on Mays Meeting House. Added story on Dover Bethany United Methodist Church.

2-29-2004-Added meeting minutes for Feb 19th 2004. Cleaned up the Our Town, Our Town Characters, and Landmarks of Dover pages. Update the Members List for 2004.

2-21-2004-Added a churches web page under Our Town. Added Calvary Lutheran to the Churches In Dover web page. Added a Search Page.

2-19-2004-Added Volunteer Recognition page.

2-17-2004-Added a story on Tavern Rates

2-9-2004- Added History of Dover Township. Added a story on Bridges of Dover & York County. Added a story on the Distilling Culture in York County.

2-8-2004-Added Mayfield St. Cemetery. Made some grammar corrections. Added story of Dr. Robert Nebinger Lewis. Added story of Civil War Conscientious Objectors. Added a story titled Brief History of Dover - Canal Rd. Added a story about the Baughman Memorial Works INC. Added a story on the Dover Hotel. Added a story on the Post Offices in York County. Added a story about Early Highways. Added notes from the November 2003, meeting on how to collect and preserve archives by Richard Banz. Added a table of the population of York County 1820 - 1900. Added the history of Dover. Added a story on the Drought of 1822. Added a story on the flood of 1884.

1-17-2004-Added meeting minutes and news letter for Jan, 2004. Updated the events page. Updated the membership list and officer list

11-30-2003- Added Old Brethren Cemetery. Added do you know these ladies picture to home page. Added the meeting minutes for November 2003. Added Richard F. Myers biographical sketch.

11-20-2003-Added unknown photos on home page. Added the History of the Otterbein EUB Church. Updated the Our Patrons page.

11-14-2003- Made minor additions and deletions.

10-21-2003- Added membership form to download, added new board member, added October 2003 meeting minutes. And made some grammatical corrections to some pages within the web site.

10-15-2003- Added October newsletter, added story on Dr. Drawbaugh.

9-28-2003- Added September meeting minutes. Added a map of Dover. Added a story of Dover's involvement in the War of 1812. Added stories of; Dr. Frederick Ernst Melsheimer, another Dr. Wallace story, and Peter Wiest.

9-8-2003- Added August meeting minutes, corrected the officers listing, added the Ann Snellbecker bio.

8-11-2003- Reorganized website

8-1-2003- Updated the Historical stories with Mr Fahs Dover History and a story about Dr Wallace. Added a page for Volunteer Recognition.

7-23-2003- Updated the Blacksmith shop page with a update report, updated the Officers page, updated the meeting minutes.

7-2-2003- Added June 2003 News Letter

6-21-2003- Pictures of the Dover History Walk and Blacksmith shop added. June meeting minutes added. GDHS Events were updated. The Quilt Raffle page was updated

6-4-2003- Obituary for Ralph E. Crone added, new members added, picture of Dover Electric Railway stock receipt added

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